Mesotherapy Beauty Equipment

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    Mesotherapy Beauty Equipment

    Key Features

    Mesotherapy Beauty Equipment
    Needle - Free Function Description:
    Electrophoresis using the latest technology, electrical penetration hole injection technology to non-needle injection principle, through the "point to the side" AMD infiltration electroporation technology, so that the skin at the pulse under the influence of the current stimulus, so that the skin pores produce physical reactions, in the 650-800 seconds rapidly open a fine pores, forming an instant electronic delivery channels nutrition, nutrition therapy injection of penetration will start immediately with ice such as pulsed filed gel electrophoresis, and stimulating role in the most secure and fast cases, the skin the required nutrition products, 90% transferred to basal cells, and can store 72 hours long, so that smooth skin is more compact, creating flawless for Body.
    Thermal Energy:
    This thermal energy smoothly elevates the temperature (42 degree Celsius to 43 degree Celsius) for vasodilatation.
    It can help deep fat cells to soften, shrink, break down and buring, especially for stubborn fat, mixed fat, stealth fat, have the wonderful decomposition results.

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    • Minimum Order:10 Sets