Far Infrared Ray Sauna Healthy Instrument

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JM-81800 / JM-81600N
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    Far Infrared Ray Sauna Healthy Instrument

    Key Features

    Far Infrared Ray Sauna Healthy Instrument
    Keeping fit is workable by doing exercise, But it will reduce stamina and energy. The philosophy effect of far infrared rays can create energy by keeping the cells moving and without wasting stamina.
    1. Infrared rays can promote the blood circulation, and enhance metabolisms. 
    2. Heat of an infrared ray can recover consciousness of nerve ending so as to relieve pain.
    3. Promote the excretion of sweat and subcutaneous fat with replenishing enough water. This can facilitate the excretion of heavy metals, poisonous element and precipitate inside bodies.
    4. Activate the hormone so as to develop the philosophy function.
    5. Reinforce energy and reduce exhaustion by enhancing metabolism and the nutrition utilization.
    6. Physiotherapy of intramuscular and nerve diseases, which has positive function for liver, eliminating the exhaustion of liver and unknown pain.
    7. Prevent the expending the development of cancer Cells.
    8. Eliminate pains and inflammation.
    9. Reprocessing functions.
    Input power: AC110V~220V / 50Hz/60Hz
    Maximum Draw: 800W
    Machine weight: 26.1kgs
    Shipping weight: 30kgs
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    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:10 Sets