Vacuum Massage+RF Body Shaping Beauty Machine

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    Vacuum Massage Beauty Machine


    • Type:Massager Hummar

    Key Features

    Vacuum Massage And RF Body Shaping Beauty Machine
    1. Easy to operate
    2. Easy to use technical motions
    3. Stimulate collagen hyperplasia
    4. Skin tender
    5. Repair skin elasticity
    Multi-Polar Radio Frequency Equipment can change the electrodes of Biological tissue in the electric field millions of times within one second on the treated area, which will promote the subcutaneous tissue to produce heat of the natural resistance movement.
    The heated dermis can stimulate to secrete more new collagen, filled collagen, thus hold up the skin of the stent once again and restore skin elasticity.

    Main functions:
    Wrinkles removing.
    Skin lifting.
    Body shaping.

    Highly efficient and extremely circulation of Multi-polar RF technology.
    Painless, more efficient and more safety.
    Wider range of treatment & notable effects.
    Equipped with different heads,creat a variety of different treatment course.
    Graphic display, easy to operate.
    The latest Multi-polar radio frequency technology,
    The unique design of electrode point.
    Description of accessories:
    Intelligent touch-screen.
    Bipolar RF probe.
    Medium RF probe.
    Large RF probe.
    Warm vacuum Roller.

    Vacuum massage and suction system are complication free, and produce improvements in overall cellulite appearance and skin condition, suggesting that further treatment sessions for maintenance could sustain the patient satisfaction and lead to lasting results.
    Optimized for applying Vacuum
    Specialized dynamic vibration function
    Easy to use technical motions
    Red light function
    Specialized for Users
    Dramatic targeted treatment for face lifting
    Dynamic & strong vidration function
    Effective facial lymphatic drainage
    4 possible types of vacuum pulse
    work to promote
    Cellulite and fat reduction
    Fat metabolism
    Collagen regeneration
    Size reduction
    Body shaping
    Skin tightening & wrinkle elimination
    We mainly export the latest beauty projects to beauty salons and supply the distributors with Hair care products and Skin care basic beauty devices for all kinds. OEM and ODM service provided.

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    • Minimum Order:10 Sets