Ultrasound & LED Light Beauty Device, Personal Ultrasound Facial Care Beauty And Health Equipment

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JM-6008-1L / JM-6008-3L
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    Ultrasound & LED Light Beauty Device

    Key Features

    JM-6008-1L Ultrasound & LED Light Beauty Device (1 MHz)
    JM-6008-3L Ultrasound & LED Light Beauty Device (3 MHz)
    Micro massage from ultrasound can lead the maintenance change to the member into the deep skin, use with the red light can stimulate the collagen, improve the spots and wrinkles, enhance the gloss and elasticity of skin.
    With three colors LED light
    Timer institute
    Frequency: 50Hz/60Hz
    Net Weight:265g

    We mainly export the latest beauty projects to beauty salons and supply the distributors with Hair care products and Skin care basic beauty devices for all kinds. OEM and ODM service provided.

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