Slimming Cavitation Beauty Equipment

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    Slimming Cavitation Beauty Equipment

    Key Features

    Slimming Cavitation Beauty Equipment 

    Application :
    Low-frequency acoustic carried by the burning fat. Because of the strong acoustic, the fatty membrane have a big pressure at fat will blast when it reached the limit of the pressure. The some product will help the fatty acids to change when it into the most deep fat. Guide by the heat energy, increase the flow of blood and liquid, make the blasting fat moves out of the body.

    Vacuuming Negative Pressure:
    By taking the advantage of the mechanical down and forth produced by the rollers, it can clear and induce the lymphatic circuit That can help stabilize the lymph system, increase blood flow, and improve metabolism. Getting rid of wastes clogged up and reducing the chances of getting fat.

    EMS (Electric Muscular Stimulation):
    EMS is the process of using very weak electrical impulses to contract and relax muscles. It produces passive* exercise by sending electrical impulses or signals to the selected muscle or muscle groups to contract and relax them. In "active" exercise the signals are sent by the brain. Help to firm the loose skin and have a good shape.
    40K Ultrasound head x 2 PCS
    1M Ultrasound head x 1 PCS
    3D Body Roller x 1 PCS
    Pedal x 1 PCS
    Professional and Durable. Good Quality, Beautiful Appearance, Attractive design. OEM and ODM service provided.

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    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:10 Sets