Professional Nutrition Import Hair Clamp, Professional Hair Salon Equipment

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    Nutrition Import Hair Clamp

    Key Features

    Professional Nutrition Import Hair Clamp
    Professional Hair Salon Equipment (Ultrasonic Hair Care Machine)
    The 1,000,000Hz Ultrasonic vibration of ultrasonic flat iron can effectively minimize size of nutrient lotion into micromolecules; enable the needed nutrient to be absorbed by hair more easily and efficiently. More protein complexes are composed in cells. 

    (Noted: A wide assortment of protein complex exist in Hair. More different types of protein complex, Healthier Hair)
    We mainly export the latest beauty projects to beauty salons and supply the distributors with Hair care shampoo and Lotion, DIY basic devices for wholesale and all kinds of OEM & ODM services.
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    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:12 Sets