Perfect Facelift Device

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    Perfect Facelife Device

    Key Features

    Perfect Facelife Device
    Radio Frequency (RF) Beauty Machine
    RF Beauty Equipment for skin care
    1. Skin firmness
    2. Face lifting
    3. Stimulate collagen regeneration

    Main theory of RF Beauty Equipment
    Dual pole RF is a kind of polarized electronic movement which influences polar electrons in tissue to produce biologic effect.
    At every time, it produces movements of polarized electrons, which will induce electrons collision, revolving and twist then produce' biology heating'. High-frequency electrons produced by Radio Frequency, won't stimulate any inductive nerves, won't produce muscle shrinking, only make body produce heat energy, that is 'Diathermy'.

    Main Functions of RF Beauty Equipment
    1. Lift and tighten, whiten and tender skin.
    2. Control acne, remove wrinkle.
    3. Burn fatness, lighten pain.
    4. Improve astriction, enhance elasticity.
    5. Firm slack skins post partum,easy muscle pain.
    6. Relax arthrosis ankylosis.
    Technical Parameter of RF Beauty Equipment
    Frequency: 1.85MHz
    Modes of Use: Dual polar
    N.W.: 34kgs
    G.W.: 36kgs
    Pack Size: 118x55x43cm

    Payment Details

    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:5 Sets