Multi-Functional Scalp Hair Care Machine, Professional Hair Salon Equipment

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    Multi-Functional Scalp Hair Care Machine

    Key Features

    Multi-Functional Scalp Hair Care Machine

    Professional Hair Salon Equipment
    Ultrasonic refers to any sound or vibration, its frequency than the human era can hear the highest threshold of 20KHz.
    Galvanic Treatment
    Radio Frequency Scalp Treatment
    Ultrasonic Hair Care Treatment
    1. Ultrasonic Clamp
    2. Galvanic & Grounding
    3. RF Phototherapy
    4. Use interface
    Multipolar RF Scalp Care Comb (with Red/Blue Photon Therapy) Lift scalp skin. Accelerate blood circulation, increase oxygen and carbon dioxide waste discharge cycle, increase the nutrient supply hair papilla, strengthen hair grow healthy, longer hair growth cycle.

    Red Light: High luminescent 630nm wavelength LED, can improve the blood system and the lymphatic system of the scalp skin Microcirculation.
    Blue Light: High luminescent 415nm wavelength LED, Can kill lead to infections of the scalp inflammatory acne propionic acid bacillus, Repair skin inflammation., Galvanic Scalp Clean & Nutrient Infusing Comb (with Yellow/Green Photon Therapy) infusing the Scalp Nutrient.
    590nm Yellow phototherapy stimulate lymph and nervous system, Stimulate the immune system, Increase their own Self-Healing capability of the scalp, Bring out scalp precipitation pollution of impurities.
    560nm Green phototherapy can Inhibition of the sebaceous glands secretion, To the problem of too much oily scalp sebum secretion Can be effectively suppressed.

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