Hair Scales Frozen Closed Iron, Professional Hair Salon Equipment

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    Hair Scales Frozen Closed Iron

    Key Features

    Hair Scales Frozen Closed Iron

    Instrument introduction
    The Hair Scales Frozen Closed Instrument using the new refrigeration technology, in the tens of Seconds and rapid cooling, direct to subzero temperature.
    The Hair Scales will be completely closed at zero temperature. We had innovation and development of subzero temperature hair care instrument, freezing closed repair to heat injury and alkali injury after excessive open the hair scales.
    Using frozen principle, let the hair supplement amino acid, water and other nutrients, to achieve low temperature preservation, and then make the hair scales contraction closed, the initial response of the hair scales open angle, prevent moisture and nourishment lost, split caused by Hair. If you use with our gold oil is better, the gold oil can Deep-seated nourishing formula can repair Hair Squama and supply protein. It is effective to supply moisture, improve hair toughness, reduce the furcal and cracking phenomena and straighten hair.
    1. Hair Scales Frozen Closed Iron operation manual.
    2. Hair Care Machine, Ice Clamp for Hair.
    Hair Scales Frozen Closed Iron
    Rated Voltage: AC 100V~240V.
    Power: 60W
    G.W.: 2Kgs
    We mainly export the latest beauty projects to Beauty Salons and supply the distributors with Hair care shampoo and Lotion, DIY basic devices for wholesale and all kinds of OEM & ODM services.
    Professional and Durable. Good Quality, Beautiful Appearance, Attractive design.
    Flat Iron

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    • Minimum Order:60 Sets