Golden Body Shaping Beauty Equipment, 5-Functions Face And Body Shaping Equipment

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JM-8515SK / JM-8516SK
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    Golden Body Shaping Beauty Equipment

    Key Features

    Golden Body Shaping Beauty Equipment
    5-Functions Face And Body Shaping Equipment
    Radio Frequency. Thermacool. Cavitation.
    The design principle of the instrument
    Multistage circulation Radio-Frequency (RF) apparatus in 1 second internal energy will be treated areas the fields in biological tissues electrical polarity is millions of times, lead to subcutaneous tissue natural resistance movement generate heat, heat stimulation dermis to secrete more new collagen, fill the vacancy of collagen, which again hold up the framework of the skin, restore skin elasticity.

    Loop chrysanthemum compound radiation pattern
    Multistage Radio Frequency therapy, radiation electrode connecting point polarity cycle will change, forming a chrysanthemum compound radiation patterns, resulting in a more intensive type radio frequency energy distribution, can make the treatment effect in a short period of time more prominent, and treatment scope the thicker more rich and more widely.

    The instrument features
    1. Highly efficient 6 loop RF technology
    2. Painless, more efficient and safer
    3. Treatment is wider and rapid significant effect
    4. Three different size treatment head match a variety of different treatment and local treatment
    5. The best curative effect more easily operation technology
    6. Revolutionary chrysanthemum compound radioactive technology
    7. Unique design of electric shock

    Ultra-Cavitation Probe
    Bipolar RF with Vacuum probe
    Small Six-polar RF handle probe
    Bipolar RF probe
    Freezing Cold Conduction probe
    1. EMS. 2. BIO. 3. Deep injection. 4. Drainage injection. 5. Elasticity injection. 

    We mainly export the latest beauty projects to beauty salons and supply the distributors with Hair care products and Skin care basic beauty devices for all kinds. OEM and ODM service provided. 

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    • Payment Terms:TT ,L/C
    • Minimum Order:5 Sets