Tech-Touch Advanced PMU System, Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine, Tattoo Art

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    Tech-Touch Permanent Makeup Devices


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    Key Features

    Tech-Touch Advanced System
    New Revolutionary Technology Patented Safety Shell System.
    Built-in Safety assures the security for permanent cosmetics
    Safety Shell System: The exclusively designed Safety Shell and built-in diaphragm prevent backflow and cross contaminant, developing a safe and hygienic environment for permanent makeup treatment.
    Efficiency: Hand Piece maximizes the performance and upgrades the installed motor, easy to operate by choosing mode from touch panel. With such supports, users are able to make the procedure more efficient, precise and comfortable, achieving a fabulous result for the permanent cosmetics.
    Safety Sensor: more precision creates less trauma and finer strokes. Revolutionary innovation of Safety Sensor indicates warning when the depth of needle exceeds the safe range.
    Safety Shell System Series
    1 Point Safety Shell
    2 Point Safety Shell
    3 Point Round Safety Shell
    5 Point Round Safety Shell
    7 Point Round Safety Shell
    3 Point Flat Safety Shell
    5 Point Flat Safety Shell
    7 Point Flat Safety Shell
    Transmission Shaft for Tech-Touch Device
    Other accessories:
    Velcro Band with Protection Cover--User-Friendly design, users may put the Digital panel in the protection cover, and fasten on the arm with Velcro during the procedure.
    USB Extension: Could be used to cater for individual needs.
    AC Adapter: Connector of power port, in common use from 120V to 240V.
    Metal Sleeve / Chamber

    This ideal machine is perfect for the beginner who just starting as well as professionals. Tattoo Machine Disposable Needles, Needle Caps, Tattoo Pigment, Needle Sleeve and Needle Tube are Packed Individually. Permanent Makeup Tattoo Machine Supplies. Professional and Durable. Good Quality, Beautiful Appearance, Attractive Design. OEM and ODM service provided.
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    • Minimum Order:20 Sets